TenorisFx Clients

The requirements to be an effective client of TenorisFX, and to be part of the Loyalty programs and enjoy the prizes and opportunities where we recognize you for your loyalty and commitment to our project require the following:

1. Be of legal age: Clients must be of legal age to participate in financial and commercial activities.

2. Complete and pass KYC up to level 3: The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is an essential part of financial regulation that seeks to verify the identity and background of customers. Completing and passing KYC up to level 3 means providing valid and verifiable personal information and identification documents. This helps ensure the security and integrity of financial transactions and prevents money laundering and other illegal activities.

  • Identity document (Level 1)
  • Proof of Effective Residency (Level 2)
  • Selfie with your identity document (Level 3)

3. Have a deposit in your balance history:

Requiring a minimum deposit ($100) on your balance history is a common practice among brokers to ensure that they represent an effective client since the use of demo platforms also generates high technology consumption and browsing traffic on the servers raising the liquidity minimums for accounts reached and service costs.


The minimum deposit is not a payment for being a client, it only refers to a balance in your history as a client that will be owned by you for your operations in real accounts or investments in COPY TRADING platforms or MAM accounts.